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Waza-Ari Karate Club   

Waza-Ari Karate is a club in South-West Calgary.  The main focus of the club is to promote traditional Shotokan Karate in a safe and exciting environment for individuals from age five and up. This club offers students the opportunity to challenge themselves with physical conditioning and mental discipline. Our classes will help develop and improve flexibility, coordination, balance, as well as encourages self-esteem, respect, confidence, focus and commitment.


Zumba with Bogi



Zumba with Bogi offers a variety of adult and child fitness classes at the Shawnessy Barn: Zumba - adult dance class, Strong - a high intensity tempo training adult workout, Bootcamp- metabolic training including cardio intervals combined with bodyweight training, Zumbini - an early childhood education dance and music program for babies and toddlers 0 - 4 years with their parents/caregivers, Zumba Kids - kids' dance class for ages 4 - 12 years.



Cutting Edge KungFu


Cutting Edge Kung Fu is a fun class that teaches the knowledge of Kung fu as a sport and as a lifestyle. This class is taught by Sifu Kyle Craik. Sifu Kyle Craik received his training from the highly respected, Sifu Jess Kung. Through this training, Sifu Kyle was able to compete locally, nationally and internationally, winning medals on all levels. More importantly, He learned respect, confidence, sportsmanship, and passion for the sport. Sifu Kyle Craik is dedicated to passing on these teachings to his own students.

This is a fun class focusing on the art of Kung Fu, open competition, and strength in body and mind.

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